Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why don't i date? hmmmm

ya don't deny it you've asked me out a couple time including last night and yes you where being a fucking mopey ass when you got to work you avoided me for like 15 minutes until i left while you where in the middle of a sentence so don't pretend there is a reason i don't date even though i have come up with many other excuses for when you ask me the real reason is because it's always a friend who asks like you your a great friend and i do like you it's just I'm afraid, Ive never dated before and your like a really great friend and i don't wanna loose that okay .

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

what is your problem

K if you're eating dinner and someone burps it's not a challenge Sheldon get some manners!

Like Really!?

OMFG today after getting my hair cut we went to the grocery store and my brothers wouldn't shut up -.- it was so annoying i swear to god i could've killed them, i saw a friend there too and we where trying to talk and Steele just stood there like honestly what doesn't the kid understand about get lost!?